We’re egg.

A creative studio that brings brands, products and experiences to life, for audiences to connect and fall in love with.

We built our business to think and do differently, because we need it to and because our partners expect it to. We’re committed to, producing the very best work through hard graft, experimentation, laughter and plenty of spell checking.

Our collective is self managed, non hierarchical, with all income shared equally amongst the team. We take proper time off, don’t shy away from the toughest of conversations and are constantly evolving our business and creative practices.

We're embracing this new journey together and are adapting quickly to the changes we face in the world around us. One thing has remained constant and true throughout though; where the idea takes us, we follow, unwavering.

We love partnering with innovative brands to solve design problems, big and small. From helping PR!DE in London reclaim their protest heritage, to launching a brand who aim to revolutionise brain health, to selling pizza in the Canadian wilderness.

We don’t love boxes, but you can best define us as a collective of storytellers, graphic designers, concept specialists and strategic thinkers. We can help with branding, communications, digital, print, packaging, brand experience and too many others to list.

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